Subterranean Luxury Living: The Trophy Basement

From London to Los Angeles, some homeowners are burying their most opulent spaces underground. The rise of the subterranean mansion. Wealthy home builders around the globe are digging deep. In Los Angeles, builder Mauricio Oberfeld has buried about a third of his home underground: He built a contemporary 9,000-square-foot house for his family with a 3,000-square-foot basement. Glass stairwells [...]

Pratt Institute Takes Interest in Making Neighborhood Nicer

Myrtle Avenue, a major east-west route through Brooklyn and parts of Queens, was named for the trees that once dotted those boroughs. But by the 1980s, the section of Myrtle that runs through the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill had earned the nickname “Murder Avenue” for its high crime rate and derelict appearance. Read More [...]

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